About our Restaurant

From the Fiery Heart of the Incan: Birthed by Lockdown, Fired by Flavor

Born in the embers of a global pause, we are The Flippin Chicken, the latest flame fueled by the passion of The Freakin Incan. While the world simmered down, our culinary minds crackled with an idea – to capture the soul of Peruvian Pollo a la Brasa, that juicy, smoky, flavor-explosion on a rotisserie, and share it with you in a whole new way.

The Freakin Incan, our mother ship, ignited Atlanta's love affair with Peruvian cuisine. But within its walls, a hunger for deeper exploration blossomed. We craved to refine the art of Pollo a la Brasa, to push the boundaries of tradition while honoring its ancient fire. So, during the Covid cocoon, we experimented, we marinated, we spun the rotisserie until our taste buds sang.

And thus, The Flippin Chicken was hatched. We are not just another chicken joint. We are the culmination of passion, heritage, and a whole lot of smoke. Our birds are seasoned with secrets whispered down from the Andes, bathed in the glow of charcoal, and emerge glistening with tantalizing juices. Each bite is a journey – a dance of crispy skin, succulent meat, and aromatics that transport you to sun-drenched Peruvian markets.

But The Flippin' Chicken isn't just about the bird. It's about the community that gathered around it. In a time of uncertainty, we found kinship in shared plates, laughter echoing in the warm glow of the Incan sun (okay, more like the restaurant lights...but you get the picture). We saw empty seats filled with smiling faces, and heard stories exchanged over every juicy bite.

So come, join us at The Flippin Chicken. Be our partner in this fiery adventure. Let us feed your soul with the vibrant flavors of Peru, born from the resilience of an Atlanta icon, seasoned by the embers of creativity, and cooked to perfection with a whole lot of heart.

This is more than just food. This is a taste of resilience, a celebration of family, and a journey to the heart of the Incan sun. Welcome to the fire.